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A Record Number

Originally Posted by: Marie Vans on Thursday, August 3, 2006 at 5:00am

So yesterday a record number of rockets fell from skies into our Holy Land. It was obvious a record would be set by mid-morning when for at least 3 hours it sounded like the 4th of July in Wyoming (where fireworks are legal). Breakfast in the bathtub is a really convenient thing. Kids dropping food all over the place? Just rinse out the tub. I was beginning to think it was time to hook up the tv and drag in a couch. Fortunately, I have wireless and I could monitor all the dis-information from there.

The two days prior to our record-setting day, all was quiet due to the cease-fire. Quiet here at least. Apparently the bad guys weren’t actually observing the cease-fire, they were just taking the opportunity to regroup instead of firing off rockets. Hmm. So I guess you can still call them terrorists for not having good intentions. But, fortunately for us, the results are the same. Not being a military sort myself, I’m a bit confused on the technicalities of a cease-fire. My ignorant, peace-loving brain told me that a cease-fire should apply to all sides that are firing. But apparently this was a different kind of a cease-fire. One side ceases-fire on civilian populations while the other side ceases fire unless it perceives a threat that needs to be fired upon. It was so quiet around here the day before yesterday that I almost went to the store. I chickened out and sent the old man instead. He’s way more braver than I and I’m still paranoid about that rocket that has my name on it.

In actuality, it’s really boring around here. Very little is moving but there has been a 100-fold increase in talk. In our town, the great pastime is talking. Forget reading, forget making model airplanes or even shopping. People want to move around from house to house and talk. Fortunately for me, I don’t speak the language very well. I used to sit and listen to people talk for hours and imagine they were talking about really interesting things like politics or world peace or something. But as time goes on and I understand more and more, I came to realize that they are being people like everyone else in the world and just talking about the neighbors, the latest scandals, and infirmities.

I’ll say another thing this was has led to…the cleanest house I’ve ever had. I don’t vacuum much because I can’t hear the sirens from the next town, (also I only have 2 small carpets) but I do a lot of putting things away, sweeping and dish washing. The need to exercise control over something is overwhelming, and I guess the only thing I can control, being stuck in the house, is level of cleanliness. I sure hope this sudden urge to perform the domestic arts goes away with the release from house arrest and my poor house can go back to its usual totally dis-organized and needing-to-be-cleaned state. I have way better things to be doing (and controlling).


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